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Roberta R. Allen

January 1, 1997

1997 – Midland, Michigan & La Jolla, California

Roberta R. Allen (Bobbe), Chairman of the Allen Foundation, graduated from Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pennsylvania and has always centered her interests on the arts and education. The Allen Foundation was funded by her late husband in 1975 for the purpose of seeking innovative methods and ways to improve the health of individuals through nutrition. The Allen Foundation gives highest priority to proposals/applications that teach children and young adults to improve their health and development, or that educate mothers during pregnancy and after the birth of their children so that they form good nutritional habits at an early age. The Allen Center has become a national resource for information on healthful lifestyles for all age groups. The Allen Foundation has a home page on the Internet’s world wide web. In the past, Bobbe was an active member of the Midland Theatre Guild as a featured player, as well as serving on its board. She became president of the Midland Art Association and was a founding member of the Midland Center for the Arts. She was an original member of Northwood’s Town & Campus community liaison organization, serving as president in 1966-67. Although Roberta Allen continues to live in Midland, she spends winters in La Jolla, California and is actively involved in the Social Services League raising money and working to subsidize housing for seniors who have lived and worked in the San Diego area but who cannot afford to live decently in retirement.