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Sarah “Sally” Sloan

January 1, 2019

2001 – Mexico City & Cuernavaca, Mexico

A few days after receiving her Bachelor of Arts (cum laude) from Vassar College, Sally Sloan married a Mexican journalist and moved to Buenos Aires then to Mexico City. Her colorful and eventful life has led to some surprising and rewarding experiences. For the past 15 years she has been the director of the Robert Brady Museum in Cuernavaca. �Sally Sloan has created a marvelous museum, and she is a remarkable person,� asserts Evelyn Lambert, a �fellow� expatriate who is a member of Northwood�s first (1970) Distinguished Women�s class, and vice president of the Brady Museum board. Sally�s early years in Mexico City were dedicated to her family, while using her free time to write articles focused on women and the arts for Mexican and U.S. journals. During the 1968 Olympic Games, she worked in the International Press Office. Later on, she edited two bilingual books, one on Mexican children�s painting and another on Mexican cuisine. When the children left the nest, given her cross-cultural, people-oriented experience and bi-lingual facility, Sally did international public relations for Boeing Commercial Airplane Company, worked in the office of the President of Mexico and held a position with the Rufino Tamayo Museum in Mexico City. Curiously, this variety of activities, all requiring knowledge and sensitivity for the idiosyncrasies of U.S. and Mexican cultures, prepared her well for her present mission as director of a beautiful house-museum in Cuernavaca, about 50 miles south of Mexico City. The XVI century structure was the home of American-born artist and art collector, her friend, Robert Brady, whose will stipulated that “my house be opened to the public as a museum” Sally’s job was to make this a reality. Today, the Robert Brady Museum is one of the cultural treasures of Mexico. It is supported by a U.S. and a Mexican foundation. Sally, a �distinguished citizen of the foreign community in Cuernavaca�, has a daughter and son in law in Mexico and a son and daughter in