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Noreen Parker

January 1, 2019

2002 – Midland, Michigan

Noreen Parker’s experiences range from building a house for Habitat for Humanity to being named a Kentucky Colonel, from pricing collectibles for Northwood’s World’s Greatest Rummage Sale to attending the Presidential Inauguration. On top of her own fast-paced schedule, she is a partner to husband Michael, the President & CEO of multi-national, Dow Chemical Company. Noreen was born in Warwickshire, England, has lived in five countries and worked in two. After several jobs in the medical administration field, she moved into the academic field working at the Manchester Business School. It is there that she met her husband. They married and lived in Zurich for seven years. While there, Noreen managed to master the German language. The next two years were spent in Midland, Michigan followed by six years in Hong Kong before returning to the U.S. nine years ago. Because of an intense interest and concern for others (as well as visa restrictions!) Noreen devoted herself to becoming a volunteer extraordinaire. In Hong Kong, she gave her time to an organization called Mothers’ Choice where single, pregnant Chinese girls spent their last few months of pregnancy before putting their babies up for adoption. She started a cultural activities program at the international school and organized events and a visit from an English youth chamber orchestra. Noreen also was involved in running a local tour group for the American Women’s Association. She spent much time entertaining overseas visitors, as well as welcoming new expatriates. In Midland, Noreen is a nine-year volunteer at the hospital working with in-patients. She has been a member of the United Way allocations committee, the Matrix program committee, and an Executive Board member of Northwood’s Town & Campus organization. In each activity, Noreen has shown community leadership, personal integrity and expertise in human relationships. She is a noted facilitator and a team member who will get the job done.