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Terry Neese

January 1, 2019

CPC, CEO & Founder Terry Neese Personnel Services Founder Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP) – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Just over thirty years ago, a road project was blocking the entrance to Terry Neese’s personnel company. Not one to wallow in self-pity, Neese decided to take advantage of the situation. She posted signs around the area, directing visitors how to find Terry Neese Personnel Services which read: “My road to success is under construction.” The incident also prompted Neese to become politically active, which ultimately led to honors, opportunities and prized visibility for both her business and her reputation. In fact, she was nominated for Lt. Governor by the Republican Party in 1990. She co-founded Women Impacting Public Policy (WIPP), a national bipartisan membership organization that represents the interests of women and minority business owners on Capitol Hill. And last year, President Bush nominated Neese to serve as Director of the United States Mint. Neese, who is a noted speaker, author, television and radio personality, whose weekly “Smart Business “ newspaper columns are published nationally, is considered a “Master of Motivation and Accomplishment” by political and business power brokers. She is recognized as one of the nation’s most respected women business owners and advocates for small business. When Neese finds time to fly her plane above the every day construction of her busy life, she no doubt wonders what new challenges and opportunities will arise when the dust settles each day in her world.