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Terry Giles

January 1, 2019

President Giles Enterprises – Houston, Texas

He may have attended twenty-one schools in ten years, but Terry Giles made the most of every experience by reaping a diverse educational experience and valuing the positive family influence that would set the tone for his numerous accomplishments. His family did not have a houseful of material goods, but Giles found that the greatest gift he received was a loving mother who taught her children that with positive thoughts, they could accomplish anything. She instilled a discipline and a will to succeed in their hearts and minds. Giles took his mother’s lessons to heart and pursued law. He opened his own practice and within five years, he had established one of the largest, most successful criminal law firms on the West Coast. The prominent attorney turned entrepreneur now serves as President of Giles Enterprises. Through Giles Enterprises, Mr. Giles has led over thirty-five different businesses in diverse industries, including: energy, biotech, software development, entertainment, education and travel. Through the years, his business transactions have resulted in significant financial success, and his deep desire has always been to help others who could not help themselves. So, in 1987, Giles established the Giles Family Foundation. Now called the Giles O’Malley Foundation, it administers charitable contributions to extraordinary philanthropic organizations. It seems that Terry Giles has packed a great deal of experience in his life. He starts each day thinking about the positive things he can do to make it better – and better for those around him. Giles squeezes in a round of golf when he can, but what he does not need to do in his busy life is think of days when he might have stopped trying to do his best…he simply recalls his mother’s voice telling him to “never give up.”