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Michael Cardone Jr.

January 1, 2019

CEO & Chairman CARDONE Industries – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The list of corporate values at CARDONE Industries states that CARDONE values its “People,” “Work,” “Witness,” and their “Word.” For more than thirty-five years, Michael Cardone, Jr., who co-founded CARDONE Industries with his late father, has honored those core values and beyond. Today, this three generational family business is the largest family-owned remanufacturer of automotive parts in the world. Although CARDONE Industries continues to set new industry standards, it has been the simple virtues of family values, taking pride and ownership in one’s work, and delivering quality to the customer that has helped CARDONE become an industry leader. The people–the Cardone Factory Family–are revered as CARDONE’s most valuable asset. According to Cardone, personal ownership has been a major edge in the competitive remanufacturing industry. Proud of his family and the commitment his father made over thirty-five years ago, Michael Cardone Jr. continues to selflessly stay true to the company’s set of corporate values. In fact, he says he has always maintained that a “values-driven business will spur free enterprise,” a conviction that, to this day, goes as deep as his valued Christian beliefs.