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Vera Gajitch

January 1, 2019

2004 – Palm Springs, California

Vera is the epitome of entrepreneurship. She was born and raised in Serbia, Yugoslavia and graduated from the University with an Art Degree. While working for the Vice President of the country, she was forced to leave after refusing to join the Communist Party. After fleeing to Vienna, Vera earned money by going to restaurants and hotels asking them to pay her to paint decorative lampshades. She soon became very successful and was in huge demand. Because of the constant fear of the Serbian Police, however, she was soon forced to leave for the United States. While Vera speaks several languages, English wasn’t one of them when she came to the United States in 1956. She had a series of factory jobs until she met a German woman who introduced her to an opportunity working in a textile factory. And the rest is history. Vera is an internationally known artist and textile designer. Her line of designer scarves, sheets, pillow cases, blankets and towels has made her a household name. She is also an honored watercolorist and is particularly well known for her paintings of birds. Well loved by the Serbian people, who have dubbed her “Mother of Serbia” for all she has done for them, she dedicates her time and money to helping her church and the children from war torn countries. Vera credits much of her success to the love and support she received from her beloved husband, Petar Gajitch. During the thirty-three years of their very happy marriage, they traveled many times around the world for business and pleasure until his death in 1991. Vera also credits the United States of America for the opportunity to achieve her goals. Even though Vera’s life is extraordinary, and many have wanted to write books on her life’s story, she says “I’m not done living yet.” At 82 years, Vera is still designing and making the world a more beautiful place. (Deceased, 2009)