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Lee Bailey

January 1, 2005

2005 – Plano, Texas

In the backyard of Lee’s elegantly decorated home, a shiny yellow and red Ronald McDonald statue flashes his familiar grin at visitors. It seems fitting that he is part of the design. Lee has made a career out of adding a designer touch to the interiors of the McDonald’s franchises that she and her husband, Ed have opened in the Dallas, Texas area. In 1984, the couple opened their first franchise at Valley View Mall in Dallas. Today, their company, ELB Enterprises, owns and operates 60 McDonald’s restaurants. Their organization has received the prestigious Golden Arch Award which recognizes the most outstanding McDonald’s operators worldwide. Lee serves as the company’s Vice President of Restaurant Decor. Her store decors and buildings have elevated design standards throughout the industry. One outstanding example of design success is the Baileys’ McDonald’s franchise in the Dallas Galleria. In keeping with the upscale shopping offered at the mall, Lee selected an art deco theme that included lots of brass, glass, marble and even a black tile floor. Harsh plastic lighting was replaced with softer lighting. Sales increased as the decor improved. Another vivid example of design innovation came with the opening of the world’s only “Happy Meal Box” restaurant. This whimsical design concept has been featured on The Travel Channel. Lee is involved in many philanthropic organizations, including the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas. She serves on the group’s advisory board and development committee, and is currently helping plan the Ronald McDonald House’s 25th anniversary. She has also served with DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS), Kidney Texas Inc. and the Nexus Women’s Auxiliary. Lee and Ed have two children, a daughter, Leigh, and a son, Mike.