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Jack Miller

January 1, 2019

Founder and former, President/CEO, Quill Corporation

Still an avid fitness buff at the age of 83, Jack Miller’s business card reads ‘Jack Miller Retiree – Sort Of.’ As he actively pursues building a commercial real estate company and remains heavily involved with the Jack Miller Center for Teaching America’s Founding Principles and History, one could hardly call Jack Miller a ‘retiree.’ A prominent Chicago area entrepreneur and philanthropist, Miller is the founder and former President and CEO of Quill Corporation, which became the nation’s largest independent direct marketer of office products, employing over 1,300 people with annual sales in excess of $630 million before being acquired by Staples, the giant office supply company, in 1998. After the sale of Quill, Mr. Miller became chairman of the board at Successories Incorporated, a business-to-business mail order firm which he subsequently acquired and has since sold. He also focuses on real estate development and investment at Millbrook Properties and with The Benida Group, a family office. Mr. Miller and his wife, Goldie, are very active philanthropists. He serves as chairman of the Jack Miller Center for Teaching America’s Founding Principles and History. The Jack Miller Center is one of the leading resources for educators who want to fortify the importance of teaching America’s history and founding principles on college campuses. The Jack Miller Center provides programs and resources that are needed to support and to increase the number of college professors on college campuses who teach our founding principles and who inspire and cultivate an atmosphere of civil discussion. The Jack Miller Center also supports efforts by university and college professors to improve education at the high school level. A sufferer of peripheral neuropathy, a term used to describe a series of disorders that result from damage to the body’s peripheral nervous system, Mr. Miller established the Foundation of Peripheral Neuropathy in 2007 and serves as its chairman. Founded with the mission of dramatically improving the lives of others by discovering more effective treatment options and finding a cure, the foundation funds collaborative medical research and clinical investigations and publishes the findings to healthcare professionals and patients. In addition, it strives to raise awareness of peripheral neuropathy through education to the general public and to healthcare professionals. Having published Simply Success, How to Start, Build and Grow a Multimillion-Dollar Business – the Old Fashioned Way, Mr. Miller, a graduate of the University of Illinois who holds a degree in Journalism with a focus in advertising, has received a variety of prestigious awards and recognitions for his business achievements and philanthropic efforts.