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Anthony Lomangino

January 1, 2013

Chairman & Founder Southern Waste Systems and Sun Recycling

As Chairman and Founder of Southern Wastes Systems (SWS) LLC and its affiliate companies, Sun Recycling and Sun Disposal, Anthony Lomangino has over 35 years’ experience in the waste and recycling industry. Mr. Lomangino has throughout his career been a pioneer and innovator of processes and technology that have advanced the collection, recycling and disposal of residential and commercial waste. Recognizing early the value in products that were being buried needlessly in the ground, he began processes over 30 years ago which established him as a true pioneer in the recycling industry. It was the beginning of a lifelong career that focused on saving valuable landfill space while preserving natural resources. After owning and operating a successful retail business, Mr. Lomangino joined Allied Sanitation, a company founded 25 years prior to his arrival by his brothers in the northeast. With keen foresight and strong business acumen, he led the team to form Star Recycling, transforming the organization into the 14th largest privately owned solid waste management company in the nation before selling it to a public company in 1996. Investing in state of the art recycling facilities, the organization was ahead of the curve in regards to the future of waste disposal. Mr. Lomangino carried his progressive entrepreneurial skills to the South Florida market with the founding of Southern Waste Systems and Sun Recycling. As the leading privately owned company in Florida for the collection and recycling of construction and demolition material, the organization is focused on “Recycling for Zero Waste.” Over 500 employees serve that mission with a goal of transitioning recycled materials into valuable products that stimulate the economy and create jobs. With 12 facilities conveniently located throughout South Florida, the organization currently recycles up to 93% of the materials collected. Under Mr. Lomangino’s leadership the SWS team was honored by Enterprise Florida with the 2010 Governor’s Business Diversification Award in the Green to Gold Category and the Recycle Florida Today, 2011 Recycling and Waste Reduction Award. Mr. Lomangino has served throughout his career in many leadership and board positions in the industry. A graduate of St. John’s University, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Business Administration. He is a recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, awarded by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations, was named to the Crain’s Top 40 Under 40 in New York City in 1989, and was honored with the Man of the Year Award from Boys Town of Italy. A male breast cancer survivor, Mr. Lomangino uses his experience to help educate others to the threat of the disease by speaking publicly and lending his name to worthwhile community projects, including serving as the Honorary Survivor Chairman of the Palm Beach County Susan G. Komen education luncheon. In addition to contributing to a number of charities, he has spent many years giving of his time as a Little League Baseball coach and as a Catechism teacher. His family and faith are paramount in his life and he shares that commitment with his wife Lynda and their three grown sons and daughter.