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Sandy Crowley Schwartz

January 1, 2019

2000 – Sanford, Michigan

I allocate my time unequally among four passions-my business, my family and friends, my entrepreneurial and free-enterprise philosophy, and my spirit. My business has taken me frequently to foreign lands. My family and friends lure me from Maine to the Caribbean and Europe for sailing and back to Midland, Michigan. Free-enterprise and entrepreneurial philosophy supports all I have seen and done with Northwood University. And, my spirit delights in being with like-minded individuals seeking joy and truth in life. Born in Lewiston, Maine, I am the oldest of five children of John and Bunny (Bernadette Malo) Crowley. I graduated with a B.A. in English from the University of Maine in Orono and taught high school English in Connecticut, Illinois, and Michigan for 13 years, rounding out my professional degrees with an M.A. in English from Michigan State University. During those years, I made two most important personal decisions of my life by marrying my life partner, Gerry (Gary) Schwartz, and having our son, David, who married the wonderful Amy White. They have given us the greatest joys in our life, grandchildren Natalie Elaine and Thomas David. Opportunity whispered to me in 1982 that a challenged manufacturing plant in Beaverton, Michigan, needed the skills that Gerry and I together held. During the next 18 years, we grew Lyle Industries from 25 employees to its current level of 200 plus employees. We annually ship $20 million worth of thermoformers, trim presses, and bottle trimmers throughout the world, I have had the additional benefit of traveling throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia, and negotiating equipment sales in England, Germany, Hong Kong, Beijing, Seoul, Japan, and New Zealand. With each sale began a personal relationship with people, who despite the flag they lived under, shared a common entrepreneurial spirit that has so enriched my life.