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Patricia A. Riley

January 1, 2019

CEO Clientele, Inc. – Sunrise, FL

For over 32 years, as a Chemist and Nutritionist, Pat has worked with leading physicians and scientists around the world trying to understand what causes us to age and what we can do to look and feel young for as long as possible. She believes we are on the threshold of finding breakthroughs that will keep us healthy and youthful until we are 100 years of age. For the last year Pat has been involved with the University of Miami cofounding the first International Stem Cell Workshop Therapeutics Conference where 60 top Stem Cell researchers gathered from around the world. Pat is recognized as a Visionary for pioneering the use of antioxidants in vitamins and skincare in the early 1980’s, leading the way long before other companies. She was honored by JFK University, who named her a recipient of the Jacqueline Kennedy Award, for her outstanding contributions in the fields of Health, Anti-Aging, and Longevity. Pat has been awarded several patents for her scientific discoveries in nutrition and skincare, including nutritional compositions, and patents on compositions containing the age-defying Sacred Lotus and the LycoLift Complex with Lycopene and Lutein. Pat leads a fast-paced life running Clientele® and MDR®, directing Medical Doctors Research, advising celebrities on nutrition and skincare and appearing on television, infomercial and shopping channels around the world. Pat remains dedicated to her mission of helping us to live healthier and longer, continuing her quest for the “Fountain of Youth” to help us look and feel our best.