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Pat Montandon

January 1, 2008

2008 – Beverly Hills, California

Pat, the daughter of two ministers, was born in Texas. When she was sixteen she became a junior model for Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Texas. At age eighteen Pat became the tenth person in the world to undergo successful (blind surgery as it was then called) heart surgery in San Francisco. Later Pat wrote and produced benefits for the American Heart Association. In the 60’s Pat was dubbed San Francisco’s “Golden Girl†by the media and named one of the top hostesses in the United States by Esquire Magazine. She wrote How To Be A Party Girl, published by McGraw Hill, and launched a winning career in radio and television and as a newspaper columnist. Pat is also the author of The Intruders, Making Friends, the first soviet-American co-publication, Celebrities and Their Angels, and Oh The Hell Of It All (Harper Collins) a memoir published April 6, 2007. The paperback A Life Beyond Imaginings, Whispers From God: was published May 6, 2008. Pat is currently working on Recipes for Conversation, based on her Roundtable salons. In 1982 Pat founded Children as The Peacemakers, an international foundation, and has now made thirty-seven trips around the world with young children, meeting with world leaders in twenty-six countries. On her trips she and the children asked top echelon members of government to stop nuclear proliferation and succeeded in getting documents signed and missiles destroyed in the presence of the children. PBS aired a documentary about her work in 2000. She has received the United Nations Peace Messenger Award and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize several times. Her work has been honored throughout the world with awards from Turkey, El Salvador, the People’s Republic of China, India, and Norway. She received the Russian Federation’s Medal in Memory of Anne Frank, Sadaka, Tanya Svitchva and Samantha Smith. Her motto IT CAN BE DONE is the legacy of her father the Reverend Charles Clay Montandon. Pat lives in Beverly Hills, California.