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W. Clement Stone

January 1, 1981

Founder and Chairman Combined International Corporation Combined Insurance Company of America Current: W. Clement Stone Enterprises (Deceased) – Northbrook, Illinois and Lake Forest, Illinois

W. Clement Stone is one of the business legends of our century. His highly innovative and dynamic growth strategy has caused him to be considered one of the fathers of the conglomerate business organization. As founder and Chairman of the Board of the Cast Combined health, accident and life insurance group of companies which today operates worldwide, Mr. Stone also chairs or serves as president of its several subsidiaries and a number of other business enterprises. He is known to millions as a public proponent of a philosophy of enthusiasm and positivism in life and management, and as the author of numerous books, articles and self-help aids to success … a success epitomized by his own inspiring example. “Learn to recognize, relate and apply principles and then motivate yourself and others to high achievement.”