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Thomas A. Murphy

January 1, 2019

Chairman (Retired) General Motors Corporation (Deceased) – Detroit, Michigan

Thomas A. Murphy is among the handful of “world-class” enterprise managers known and respected around the globe. His outstanding leadership of the world’s largest manufacturing corporation has been a model for others. His foresight in the early seventies as Chairman of the Board of General Motors in committing the resources of the corporation to massive product redesign strategy is now credited as among the most important positions taken by any manager in the face of the energy crisis. Recently retired, Mr. Murphy joined the corporation as a clerk on the comptroller’s staff in 1938. The accomplishments which subsequently led him to the top of his firm exemplify the finest in personal and American enterprise. “I emphasize to the young people today, the importance of our democratic free enterprise system. It does work, and has worked, and with your energy, will continue to work!”