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Julia M. Walsh

January 1, 1982

Chairman of the Board Julia M. Walsh & Sons, Inc. Current: (Retired) Tucker-Anthony, Inc. (Deceased) – Washington, D.C.

Julia Walsh has been described in The New York Times as “bigger than life.” Head of her own eminently successful financial consulting firm, she is also the mother to twelve. Widowed with four children at thirty-three, Mrs. Walsh determined to pursue an active career as a stockbroker, solving her child care concerns by hiring her mother-in-law as housekeeper …and 20% business partner! Subsequent marriage to a widower with seven children and new motherhood did not deter her from starting her own business. Super success followed. A financier and businesswoman of international renown, Mrs. Walsh not only serves her clients, a number of national educational, community and industry-related boards but devotes generous amounts of time as a panelist and author committed to the financial education of the public. “The more the private sector is able to contribute to the common good of man and support the principles that make our country great …the greater the opportunity to further strengthen and enhance our country’s greatness.”