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William T. Ylvisaker

January 1, 2019

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Gould, Inc. Current: President and CEO Corporate Focus, Inc. (Deceased) – Rolling Meadows and Hoffman Estates, Illinois

In the fourteen years since William Ylvisaker was named president and chief executive officer of Gould, Inc., he has seen the most dramatic expansion of his industry, and its most challenging times as well. Gould, Inc. is a major diversified organization and is at the leading edge of performance because of his foresight and commitment to the highest quality management action His views are carefully considered by professionals throughout the economy because of his dedication to quality and his reputation for perceptivity. He has been actively involved in his state as a member of the Business Committee for the Arts, the Governors High Technology Task Force and, on the national stage, as a member of the American Manufacturers Association. He is an outstanding example of a committed business professional concerned with and aware of the vital connection between the arts, business and quality of life. His service in these and other areas have reflected not only on his firm and the enterprise system, but on humanity as well. “Northwood, through its innovative programs, is providing the type of education required in today’s rapidly changing society.”