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Rose W. Totino

January 1, 2019

Vice President The Pillsbury Company (Deceased) – Minneapolis, Minnesota

As the driving force behind the creation and success of Totino’s Finer Foods, which became a market leader in the one billion dollar frozen pizza industry after merging with the Pillsbury Company, she continues her involvement with Totino’s and The Pillsbury Company in a public relations role. She has long been a generous supporter of the arts, Christian education and the welfare of young people and serves on the boards of numerous religious, financial and educational institutions. She is an example of achievement in an enterprise society and archetype of the stewardship truly successful people make of their lives to others. She is an effective advocate of the American enterprise system and a role model for women in management. “The need for development of people who are capable of managing the ever-increasing demands of an international environment has never been greater.”