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Craig Hall

January 1, 2019

Chairman Hall Financial Group – Dallas, Texas

Named as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men in America, Mr. Hall has developed a record as an entrepreneur which is astounding given his youth. As chairman of the Hall Financial Group, founded in 1968 with $4,000 in capital, he has seen its growth to over $3 billion of real estate assets. His expertise at “turn around management” has rescued more than a few failing operations and in the process provided services for the economy, a continued economic base for its employees and a productive instrument for society. His two books and many articles provide a model for success in real estate in the 1980s. He has established and funds the Hall Foundation for Individual Opportunity. His promise for the future will mirror his accomplishments of the past. America will hear much of Craig Hall. “Entrepreneurs choose the hard road, the road of challenge and risk taking. On this road, capability and intelligence pale in comparison to hard work and a passion for success.”