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Arnold Palmer

January 1, 1984

President Arnold Palmer Enterprises (Deceased) – Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Arnold Palmer has proven time and again that success knows no career boundaries. As adept in the boardroom as he is on the green, Mr. Palmer has a string of victories on and off the course on a par few have achieved. Named Athlete of the Decade for the 1960s by the Associated Press, he has won 85 Championships so far. In the course of amassing these victories, his personal attributes were so appreciated that he also accumulated an army of admirers – Arnie’s Army. His business entrepreneurship has taken him into such diverse fields as sports, aviation, automobiles, design and development. Mr. Palmer’s civic involvement encompasses the boards of the March of Dimes, the National Aviation Association, a university, a hospital and local government. Arnold Palmer’s humanitarianism and dedication to others round out his life to truly make him “a legend in his own time.” “When I was young, I worked pretty hard at golf and I learned by observing the business leaders at my dad’s club what made them successful, and I knew I wanted to be successful in golf and business. Our system has allowed me to do that.”