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Dr. Aldo Gucci

January 1, 2019

Chairman of the Board Gucci Shops International (Deceased) – New York, New York

Dr. Aldo Gucci, Chairman of the Board of Gucci Shops, Inc., has combined a sense of family tradition, a superior sense of style and a doctorate in economics to design, manufacture and retail products that have become synonymous with elegance, style and status. The Gucci family has resided in Florence, Italy since before the Renaissance and it is here that the current dynasty began nearly 80 years ago. Dr. Gucci’s father began a saddle factory from which all else has evolved and from which the distinctive reversed “G’s” came. World renowned for distinctive details and elegant designs in his products, Dr. Gucci also displays this excellence in the appointment of his shops. Truly international, there are now Gucci shops from Paris to Hong Kong. Gucci franchises are located throughout the world. The involvement in the business of Dr. Gucci’s children and grandchildren insures a continuity of the Gucci family tradition of pride and fine craftsmanship. “The quality of performance of a product, of moral respect for human beings, and of the governing system, is the common denominator that makes for success or failure.”