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Arthur Burck

January 1, 2019

Owner Arthur Burck Associates (Deceased) – Palm Beach, Florida

Arthur Burck pioneered the development of expertise in the restructuring of business corporations, mergers and acquisitions, first as a lawyer on Wall Street specializing in bankruptcy reorganizations, then with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Since leaving the practice of law in 1953 he has become a nationally recognized expert in the field of mergers and acquisitions, dedicated to the preservation of the free enterprise system by exposure of abuses that could undermine it. He is the author of scores of articles for major business publications and has spoken throughout the country, including to five Congressional committees, based on his experience with the top-level problems of over a thousand businesses. He has been active in many philanthropic activities since moving his residence, and later his business, to Palm Beach in 1967. He has been cited for “the impact of his energy, expertise and integrity on the world of business.” “It is refreshing that Northwood has made preservation of our free enterprise system as a centerpiece of its business education.”