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John W. Teets

January 1, 2019

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer The Greyhound Corporation Current Chairman & CEO J.W. Teets Enterprises, L.L.C. (Deceased) – Phoenix, Arizona

John W. Teets began his association with Greyhound in 1964 and the very next year was named President of two of Greyhound’s subsidiary operations, the youngest person ever to be so named by the company. Although he left Greyhound in 1968 he returned in 1976 as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Greyhound Food Management. He has been in his present leadership capacities since 1982. His philosophy ”management’s job is to see the company not as it is – but as it can become” has served him well. Mr. Teets is a director of ConAgra, Inc. and a member of the President’ s Association of the American Management Association, the Business Roundtable and the Conference Board, along with a wide range of other business and professional organizations. In 1986 he was chosen Chief Executive Officer of the year by the international business magazine Leaders and received the National Human Relations Award from the American Jewish Committee. “I got my first management position when I was 21 … I knew it was a management position because I had to work seven days a week.”