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Patrick F. Taylor

January 1, 1989

Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Taylor Energy Company (Deceased) – New Orleans, Louisiana

Patrick Taylor left home at an early age, graduated as a petroleum engineer (in 3-1/2 years) from Louisiana State University (1959) and immediately was employed by John Mecom, Sr., an independent Houston oilman. He worked for Mr. Mecom for 7-1/2 years. After a brief period with another company, Mr. Taylor formed his own consulting engineering company and began acquiring gas and oil properties in 1967. In 1974, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Mecom formed Circle Bar Drilling Company, known for its inshore drilling technology. In 1979, Mr. Taylor sold Circle Bar Drilling and founded Taylor Energy Company. It is now one of the ten largest independents in the United States. Mr. Taylor and his wife, Phyllis, have developed extensive Brangus cattle ranching interests in Foxworth, Mississippi (also a center for research into wildlife-management) and in Ruidoso, New Mexico. He has received the Horatio Alger Award, served the U.S. and Louisiana Olympic Committees, the New Orleans Bicentennial Commission, the March of Dimes and many other civic and professional organizations. “All children, rich or poor, need the opportunity to be challenged in today’s higher education system; given that chance, they will achieve success.”