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Willard W. Garvey

January 1, 2019

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Garvey Industries, Inc. (Deceased) – Wichita, Kansas

As a young man Willard Garvey worked closely with his father, Ray Garvey, in building family holdings in farming, grain storage, real estate and petroleum. After the war, as President of Builders, Inc. he created a veritable revolution in low-cost housing in Wichita. He also played a key role in arranging the financing that allowed the Garvey Elevators to lead the nation in storage capacity. On the death of his father in 1959, Willard and his three siblings jointly administered the family properties until 1972. Since then he has built Garvey Industries into a seven-division twenty-corporation diversified business group including far-flung finance, grain, agriculture, property development and petroleum operations. His World Homes operation in 29 countries received wide publicity in the 1960s. Garvey is a volunteer activist. He is a founding director of the World Business Council, the International Executive Service Corps, the National Legal Center for the Public Interest, VOLUNTEER – The National Center and the National Center for Privatization. He is a director of Bank IV, Wichita, National Association of Homebuilders and the Council for National Policy. He has been a member and active participant in the Young Presidents and Chief Executives organizations since the 1950s. “Education is key – Northwood is a weapon in the arsenal of those of us trying to arrest and reverse the decline of common sense about business.”