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Dian Graves Owen

January 1, 2019

Chairman Owen Healthcare, Inc. Mansefeldt Investment Corp. Dian Graves Owen Foundation – Abilene, Texas

Consistently recognized as one of the top business women in America, Dian Owens’ easy going style, combined with her ability to trust and empower employees has propelled Mrs. Owen to head the nations leading provider of hospital pharmacy management services. Along with her late husband, Jean, she founded Owen Healthcare in 1969, knowing that the concept of managing an in-house pharmacy was practically unheard of in the field. Dian’s role was to promote sales and market their services to other hospitals. By 1976, 24 hospitals were contracting with Owen Healthcare, She was able to fend off many suitors who attempted to buy out her up-and-coming company. The gross revenues have risen more than 25% annually, from $6.6 million in 1976 to about $320 million in 1994. Dian’s company has over 2,000 employees who service over 500 hospital agreements in 41 states. Her tireless devotion to her community of Abilene, Texas has led to her appointment as chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors for First National Bank, Petroleum Club, Muscular Dystrophy, the Committee of 200 and scores of others. Her gentle style of management and belief that her success is tied to her employees abilities has propelled Owen Healthcare into the top echelon of America’s best managed companies. “I’m beginning to think that entrepreneur may be synonymous with unemployed, because so many of us start in desperation, out of money, with a very good idea.”