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Victoria B. Jackson

January 1, 2019

President and Chief Executive Officer DSS/ProDiesel, Inc. – Nashville, Tennessee

Beneath the graceful and elegant look of this former fashion model lies a creative, decisive mind that constantly strives for maximizing opportunities to increase her company’s growth. Forced to take over her father’s company upon his untimely death, Victoria, still a few days short of graduating from Belmont University, astonished family and friends by buying the outstanding shares of DSS and assumed her place as CEO. Today, DSS/Pro Diesel, Inc. is considered one of the leading sales and manufacturing companies for diesel parts in the world. Victoria has been the recipient of countless awards and honors, including being named one of the top five business women in America in 1985. Ms. Jackson is a board member of Shoney’s and a past director of the Federal Reserve Board in Atlanta. She was appointed by the Governor to the State Alcoholic Beverage Commission and serves on the prestigious Committee of 200 and is heavily involved in community organizations. As President and Chief Executive Officer, Victoria B. Jackson has guided DSS/Pro Diesel through the ups and downs of the trucking and farming industries, doubling the number of employees and pushed the company to a 185% increase in sales growth. Now in over thirty states and seven foreign countries, she continues to begin new ventures, develop new products and remains at the top of the diesel industry. “I believe that when God shuts a door, He opens many windows.”