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J. Nelson Fairbanks

January 1, 2019

President and CEO United States Sugar Corporation (Deceased) – Clewiston, Florida

Imagine if you can, being the President and CEO of a major corporation that is employee owned, and that as the CEO, you spear-headed the plan in which the employees became the owners. J. Nelson Fairbanks has been President and CEO of United States Sugar Corporation for the past nine years. Since 1978 he has functioned in various positions including vice-president of corporate development and senior vice president. Not only did he institute the Employee Stock Ownership Plan, which placed the largest block of ownership in the hands of employees, his leadership saw the company acquire vegetable acreage, substantially increased primary sugar production, and developed and built Southern Gardens Citrus Processing enabling the company to process more than ten million boxes of fruit per season. Mr. Fairbanks’ tireless devotion to environmental issues led the company to support the 1994 Everglades Forever Act and he implemented a program of “on-farm” water quality improvement that has successfully reduced nutrient discharge by 68% in 1996. His leadership also produced the largest and most sophisticated private agricultural research facility in the United States. Through his involvement in the community, Mr. Fairbanks has exemplified to his employee owners what is important … to serve others, instill values and support just causes. Nelson serves as a director for many organizations including the Florida Council of 100, Florida Sugar Cane League and the Florida Council on Economic Education. United States Sugar is one of the nations largest producers of sugar cane, oranges and juice products and is headquartered in Clewiston, Florida. Nelson and his wife have two children and are extremely active in the community. “A high quality education in the context of free enterprise and entrepreneurship, rooted in Judeo-Christian ethics, and an appreciation of the creative spirit should, in my opinion, be guideposts for all education institutions.”