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Dr. Jane Murchison Haber

January 1, 2019

1970 – Dallas, Texas & New York City

Jane Haber supported many Northwood programs, including the founding of the annual FAD Auction. She was extremely active in hosting activities which helped the college to be known in Texas, New York and Florida. Mrs. Haber was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Humanities degree from Northwood in 1977, having served as National Chair of the Northwood National Women’s Board from 1973-1976. In Texas, she received the 1970 Arete Award for her contributions to Dallas, which included leadership in the Dallas Theater Center, the Dallas Civic Opera, the Dallas Symphony, Les Femmes du Monde, the Boys Club and the Girls Club of Dallas, Northwood of Texas Women’s Board, Children’s Development Center, Crystal Charity Ball, Junior League, Dallas Women’s Club of America and numerous other worthwhile organizations. In New York, she was on the board of directors of the New York Infirmary, Beekman Downtown Hospital and the International Center for the Disabled. Jane also co-chaired the Northwood Women’s Board chapter in New York, where she hosted numerous events and an annual library benefit for Northwood in her landmark home. The mother of four children, Jane Murchison Haber was married to designer Leonard Haber, now deceased. Noted for her graciousness and sense of style, many articles of apparel from her personal collection now grace the Northwood International Costume Collection archives. “Northwood is a wonderful school of higher education,” she stated. “It offers a great potential for our country as a managerial institution and I am impressed by its graduates.” (Deceased 1990)