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Martha McKenney

January 1, 1971

1971 – Bloomfield Hills, Michigan & Ocean Ridge, Florida

Martha McKenney has been active in the Junior League, The Planned Parenthood organization and the National Red Cross Blood Bank. She was honored with an award for her work on the board of the Birmingham Community House. She has served Northwood as a member of the National Women’s Board and in 1968 was presented a bronze entitled “Figure Standing” in appreciation for her work on the successful “Gone With the Wind” premiere benefit. The daughter of William S. Knudsen, the late President of General Motors Corporation, Mrs. McKenney attended Miss Newman’s School for Girls in Detroit and Briarcliff College. Her husband, Paul Radcliff McKenney, was a manufacturer’s representative in the Detroit area before his retirement. Their sons, Thomas Karl and the late Paul William, attended Northwood and son, Richard Kurt, graduated from the college. “I believe in Northwood’s philosophies and concepts of education – you know I must, because my sons have attended Northwood,” said Mrs. McKenney.