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Dr. Rosina Tamassy

January 1, 1973

1973 – Rome, Italy

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Rosina Tamassy has devoted her life to the arts. She is an internationally acknowledged expert on art history and her lectures have fostered an understanding and appreciation of the beauty of the art treasures of the world in students here and abroad. Dr. Tamassy also has assisted many American travelers to Italy and western Europe by helping them to better understand and appreciate the magnificent art to be seen and enjoyed throughout Europe. Wife of the late famed sculptor Giulio de Tamassy (who created and designed the Distinguished Women’s Award medal), Rosina Tamassy has been of invaluable aid to Northwood through her leadership and guidance in the development of the Northwood Art Collection. The Tamassy Collection of Master Drawings is one of the gems of the Collection and was a gift of the Tamassys to the University. A warm and personable lady and a teacher of the highest caliber, Rosina Tamassy has used her knowledge and understanding of the arts to further the educational development of her enthusiastic students. Northwood is grateful and honored to have had Dr. Tamassy on its Midland campus many times over the years. Dr. Tamassy makes her home in Rome when not traveling professionally. The Tamassys had one son. (Deceased 2003)