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Esther Dorothy

January 1, 2019

1974 – New York City

Esther Dorothy was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and emigrated to the United States at the age of seven. Educated in Boston, she began her career in fashion and as a furrier soon thereafter. A unique woman, Esther Dorothy distinguished herself numerous times and won many awards for her outstanding contributions and accomplishments. A few of these prestigious honors were: the W.A.B.D. Certificate of Merit for Distinguished Achievements in the Art of Television, The March of Dimes Certificate of Appreciation Award, The American Fashion Critics Award for her creative contribution to the field of American fashion, awards from the Chinchilla National Breeders of America in recognition of her pioneering efforts with chinchilla, awards for her introduction of the first white mink in the world and her development of original designs and fashions. Extremely active in her business, she found time to devote her leadership talents to Northwood in order to help the college advance and grow. Esther Dorothy was an outstanding individual who believed totally in the American way of life and in each person’s ability to achieve personal success through dedication, hard work and desire. (Deceased 1977)