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Flavia Paulon

January 1, 1977

1977 – Avogaria, Venezia, Italy

Flavia Paulon was born in Venice, Italy, and lived her life in the surrounding area. Among her many personal and professional accomplishments nothing has been more remarkable than her devotion to furthering the civic and cultural programs of her country. Flavia Paulon provided great leadership in her country and encouraged the recognition of women in the business and the cultural world. She was a true politician, with an always welcome entre into Italian government at state, provincial and local levels. For eighteen years she was the secretary of the Venice Film Festival which, during its existence, was the most influential of all international film fairs. Mrs. Paulon was founder and director of the Asolo Film Festival and the world renowned Science Fiction Festival which is held in Trieste, Italy. Her voluntary assistance to the Northwood European activities was a major factor in many successful student and arts related endeavors. Mrs. Paulon was also administrator of the Friends of Venice organization which endeavors to preserve the priceless treasures and holdings of Italian art. (Deceased 1988)