Alumni Project 100

Have your say in a $10,000 project on campus! You decide!

Northwood University Alumni Project 100 is placing the power of philanthropy into your hands! Our goal is to recruit 100 Alumni who want to make a significant impact to the University by combining their donation with the rest of the members to award $10,000 each semester to the group of their choice within Northwood University.

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  • Each member must commit to donating $100 per semester ($200 per year). The Alumni Project 100 group will meet and distribute the funds once each semester. Commit to 3 years ($600) and become a founding member of the Northwood University Alumni Project 100, which includes a brick with your name on it in Recognition Park.

  • The donations will be given to approved Northwood University student groups/departments only.

  • Each student organization/department that is under consideration will submit a one-page proposal to the Northwood Alumni Council. The Council will then choose the top 3 finalists for the live presentations.

  • The top 3 proposals will then give their presentations LIVE at the NU Alumni Project 100 meeting. The group will vote by ballot and the proposal with the majority of votes wins the competition. Although it may not be your first choice, you are still obligated to donate.

  • All members will cast their vote via a voting app. If you are not able to attend the NU Alumni Project 100 meeting in person you may view the live presentations via video conferencing or you may simply vote after reviewing the top 3 written proposals.

  • The winning proposal will be ineligible until the following year. All proposals that are not chosen will remain eligible for the next semester competition.

Donations must be in hand before your vote can count. We accept automatic deduction via ACH or credit card. 
The cumulative amount of donations will be awarded to the winning proposal each semester.

Conflict of Interest:
Members who are serving on a grant evaluation committee or who are members of the NU Alumni Project 100 are required to disclose potential conflicts of interest. All members are expected to act in an objective and fair manner. In particular, members are expected to refrain from any attempt to gain an unfair advantage for any particular grant applicant.


It’s easy to join Northwood University’s Alumni Project 100.

Payments can be made in one of three ways:

  1. Mailing a check payable to Northwood University with Alumni Project 100 written in the memo line.

  2. To pay by credit card or direct debit click here: NU Alumni Project 100.



Application Procedures
The Northwood University’s Alumni Project 100 will accept proposals for funding from registered student organizations (RSO’s) or Northwood University Departments.

How to Apply
All applications must be submitted on the appropriate forms. Please carefully review the two-phase application process to fully understand how our process works and the deadlines indicated. Grants provided to Northwood University’s Alumni Project 100 are non-renewable. However, an organization may submit a new proposal the following year for additional funding. Funding Exclusions: Grants to individuals or to support a new business.

The Proposal Application will be open through the proposal deadline.

Phase I.
Submit Initial Proposal – Due Date: October 11, 2019.

  • Access the Proposal Form after August 26, 2019.

  • Proposals must be submitted on the form provided and should also include an attachment of your proposal.

  • No proposals will be accepted after the deadline.

  • The Northwood Alumni Council will review all of the submitted proposals and invite the top 3 to Phase 2.

  • The Northwood Alumni Council will acknowledge each proposal received.

  • The Northwood Alumni Council reserves the right to reject a proposal for any reason.


Phase II. 
Proposal Live Presentation

  • The Northwood Alumni Council will review and choose the top 3 written proposals.

  • Those top 3 proposals will be notified by October 18, 2019, and will be invited to present their proposal live.

  • The top proposals will then be invited to perform a 5-minute live presentation of their proposal on or around November 7, 201,8 to compete for the funding.

  • A summary of information about each finalist and project will be emailed to all members of the Alumni Project 100 one week before the live presentation.

  • After the top 3 proposals are presented live to the Alumni Project 100, each member will cast their vote. Majority vote wins. Finalists will not be present during voting. The winning proposal will be notified the following day.




On Friday, February 3rd 62 Northwood alumni & friends pooled their donations and chose which Northwood University project would receive the $10,000 prize. This is the first time a small group of alumni has made such a significant impact on a Northwood project of their choosing. There were 19 projects submitted by Northwood student organizations and departments and the alumni council narrowed the field down to the top 3. The Mock Trial Team, the Fashion/Retail program and the Special Events Team were chosen to present on Friday. All 3 of the presentations were very well done and the voting was close. In the end, the fashion program won with 39% of the vote! Congrats to Professor Melodie Davis-Bundrage!

Even more exciting is that we will continue to host this program every semester for at least the next 3 years! Our next meeting has been scheduled to be held on campus on Saturday, October 7, 2017, at 10:00 am. We are always accepting new members and we encourage you to spread the word on what a fun and impactful program this is. The more members we have the greater the impact we can make!


Winter 2017 Project 100 Presentations

Check out the presentations here


For questions or more information call: (989) 837-4436 or email