Alumni Giving

Remember graduation day?

You are one of more than 56,000 alumni in nearly 120 countries around the world who call Northwood University their alma mater. You’re the very essence of our global university community and hold the power to make a real difference with your giving—at any level, in any form.

We encourage each alumnus to become personally invested in building their campus legacy by making a gift, joining BlueLink, spreading the word, or attending events

Give a Gift

A Northwood education is made possible by individuals and businesses who understand the power of philanthropy, and one of the best ways our graduates can demonstrate their loyalty is by making a gift to support Northwood University.

Freedom can thrive at Northwood University. You can help young men and women who attend Northwood University develop into executives and entrepreneurs and acclaimed leaders in free-market thought. Your gift is a commitment to the “Northwood Idea” and an investment in the growth of free-enterprise. Alumni Giving enables each individual to reflect on your time at Northwood and personally build a tradition of making a difference by building a culture of philanthropy.

There are many reasons for alumni to give:

  • Your gift shows appreciation for the education and development Northwood University provided you.
  • Your gift helps continue the cycle of giving, providing support for current and future students so that they may have the same opportunities and benefits that you received while at Northwood.
  • Your gift keeps you connected to the University community.
  • Your gift helps increase financial support for the University by virtue of the actual donation itself.
  • Your gift is a signal to other individuals and organizations that Northwood is well loved and supported by its graduates. Universities that receive a large amount of support from their students and alumni are ranked higher than universities who do not.

Make your gift today!

By reinvesting in Northwood’s current and future students, you invest in your own degree – by supporting each other, we strengthen the Northwood brand.

Alumni gifts to Northwood make an impact in the area of your choice at the University. Support your program or department, scholarships, student and community programs, Alumni Project 100, or make a gift to The Northwood Fund, the University’s unrestricted fund for the areas of greatest need.

Please partner with Northwood University students today for a better tomorrow.

Our success to date and the very promises the “Northwood Idea” holds serves as a poignant tribute to philanthropy's role in opening new doors in business and entrepreneurship, supporting our community, and fueling our mission. We treasure our visionary supporters and look forward to a future filled with even greater promise – a future we invite you to share with us as we continue to develop the leaders of a global, free-enterprise society.

Refer a Student

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