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    Thank you for the work you have put into helping your school’s students prepare for college. Northwood University would like to assist you in an effort to best serve them by providing information and resources – not only about Northwood – but also about new developments that impact higher education. Please feel free to contact us at anytime with questions: Call 800.622.9000, or contact an admissions representative directly.

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    We’re about teaching business

    • The Northwood Idea

    • High Expectations Lead to High Performance

    • Admissions at Northwood

    • What's New at Northwood University?

    • The Cost of Private Higher Education

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    The Northwood Idea

    You know we focus on business, but what makes Northwood University unique? What programs does Northwood offer that no other school does? Why should students attend a school that focuses on a business-related curriculum‚ versus a school that offers business as one option among many? Find out the answers to these questions. Learn about the Northwood Idea.

    High Expectations Lead to High Performance

    A university education is more than the courses offered and the experiences made available. It is the architecture of those elements designed to create defined results. As a learning community, we focus our efforts on accomplishing twelve outcomes. These outcomes become shared characteristics of our graduates.

    Admissions at Northwood

    What makes a student a good fit for Northwood? What are the admissions deadlines? How do students apply? Here’s all the information you need for the application process.

    Many factors are considered in determining a student’s acceptance to Northwood University; all aspects of a student’s formal and informal education are evaluated. There are four easy steps to completing the process:

    1. Complete the Application for Admission

    2. Provide supporting documents

      • High school/college transcript(s)

      • SAT scores or TOEFL/IELTS scores for International Students

      • Once you have applied and provided the supporting documents, your application will be evaluated and you should hear from us within three weeks.

    3. Schedule a Campus Visit

    4. Complete the Northwood Financial Aid Estimator prior to December 31 and the FAFSA after January 1.

    What's New at Northwood University?

    Staying committed to our mission of developing the future leaders of a global, free-enterprise society demands current, relevant courses and experiential learning opportunities for our students. Find out about the latest opportunities and achievements at Northwood.

    The Cost of Private Higher Education

    We share the concerns echoed by families and students about college costs. For many students, a Northwood education is as affordable as a public university; this information will help in navigating the financial aid process.

    Resources for High School Counselors

    Downloadable forms are available here!