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    Advanced Manufacturing Business (AMB) Program

    What is AMB?

    The Advanced Manufacturing Business (AMB) program is a seamless transfer pathway to earn a bachelor’s degree designed for graduates of the National FAME AMT Program. When the world’s best-educated technicians grasp the principles and practices of the business world in which they work, they gain a whole new level of power and capability. The AMB pathway is designed to develop the future multi-skilled leaders in manufacturing.

    AMB Students:

    • Earn a valuable and unique Bachelor of Science in Applied Management degree.
    • Develop core business acumen and leadership skills.
    • Learn to lead and manage in their chosen field.
    • Further develop problem-solving skills applicable to current and future positions.

    Northwood Advantages

    • Maximize transfer of college credits from the AMT Program into the AMB Pathway.
    • Accelerated courses may be completed in class or online.
    • Small class size allows for individual attention from qualified instructors.
    • Personalized attention from dedicated Northwood University staff.
    • Possible credits for work and life experiences.

    Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME)

    Click the links below to learn more about the Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) and the Advanced Manufacturing Technician (AMT) program:

    FAME Home Page

    FAME Advanced Manufacturing Business Pathway