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    About the Master of Business Administration

    The DeVos Graduate School at Northwood University produces MBAs who go on to become leaders in today’s global, free-enterprise society.

    Students partake in an educational and transformational journey that is rooted in the Northwood Idea, Northwood University’s educational outcomes, and a unique, student-driven learning model.

    The DeVos experience creates highly effective leaders through a process of personal and professional transformation based on an integrative curriculum and student-driven learning methodology. 

    MBA programs in a variety of formats and geographies are offered. All programs share specific academic student outcomes of achieving highly developed business acumen, critical thinking, and personal effectiveness skills.

    An MBA from Northwood University transforms students into highly effective executives and managers with the skills to:

    • Find and fix problems
    • Identify and capitalize on opportunities
    • Create a vision and inspire others to follow
    • Raise the performance of subordinates, peers, and superiors


    Specifically, students will achieve the following outcomes:

    Business Acumen

    • Successful students will demonstrate the ability to use business concepts to effectively identify and provide solutions to complex problems within organizations.

    Critical Thinking

    • Successful students will demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate alternative explanations of organizational issues and their potential solutions.

    Personal Effectiveness

    • Successful students will demonstrate the personal behaviors necessary to effectively lead, implement and assess activity within and across organizations


    MBA Program Facts 2016-2017
    Total Credits 36
    Program Length 12-24 Months*
    Total Semesters 3-6*
    Total Program Cost $37,080.00**
    *Program Length and Total Semester is determined by the program option selected
    **Program cost based on 2016-2017 academic year

    ***The above does not apply to Executive MBA Programs.

    Semester Dates

    • Spring 2017
      March 13, 2017

    MBA Program Options

    • Accelerated MBA
      12-month, daytime/week days
    • Traditional MBA
      24-month, 2 evenings/wk
    • Evening MBA
      24-month, 1 evening/wk
    • Weekend MBA
      24-month, alternating weekends
    • Online MBA
      24-month, flexible
    • Click here to learn more about each program