Freedom Seminar

April 9-12, 2015

About the Freedom Seminar

The Northwood University Freedom Seminar is an annual three and one-half day symposium on the free enterprise system led by distinguished academic and business leaders.   The purpose of the Freedom Seminar is to investigate current business and economic topics of utmost interest to the academic and business communities.  The seminar offers a unique active learning environment in which students will be learning from and interacting with internationally recognized leaders in industry, academia, and government.  Students will learn how the precepts of The Northwood Idea are applied to the problems of today. 

Dates/Location:  The Freedom Seminar begins on Thursday, April 9 at 6 pm and concludes on Sunday, April 12 at 5pm. All sessions will be held on the Midland, Michigan campus.  Thursday, Friday and Saturday presentations will take place in Griswold Lecture Hall, and meals will be served in the Griswold Dining Room. On Sunday, presentations will be in the Sloan Auditorium and meals will be served at the NADA center.

Academic Credit and Course Substitutions:  Students who successfully complete the academic requirements will earn up 6 credit hours that they may substitute for one or two of the following courses:

  • ECN 4010 – Economics of Public Policy
  • HIS 4020 - Contemporary World Issues
  • PHL 3850 – Special Topics in Ethics
  • ECN 3990 – Advanced Topics in Political Economy

Students must have completed required pre-requisites for course(s) selected and must have sophomore status.

Student Registration From

Academic Requirements:

Prior to the scheduled meetings,  students will read articles relevant to their course substitution and participate in discussion boards moderated by Northwood University faculty.    The readings introduce students to important aspects of the topics that speakers will be presenting during the seminar.  During the meetings students will attend lectures and interact with guest speakers, faculty, and other students from throughout the Northwood system.  Afterward, students will complete a written review of each presentation, as well as a final research paper related to the theme of the seminar.  These written assignments are due on May 11.

Costs:  $2,196 per course substitution plus $200 for meals, breaks, and course materials.   Payment must be made in advance through your appropriate business office.  Payment will not be accepted at the seminar. 

Lodging:  Students may choose to arrange their own lodging and commute to the event.  However, for those who wish to stay at the hotel, a discounted rate has been arranged for Northwood students. 

For more information:

Concerning registration and fees:

Please see an academic advisor

Concerning Academic Requirements:

Professor Dale Matcheck
(989) 837-4256

Course Substitutions for the NU Freedom Seminar

An analytical and critical paper written after attendance at the annual summer "Freedom Seminar" or through arranged independent study. 
Prerequisites: ECN 2210 and 2220

A study of both the short-term and long-term economic con¬sequences of public policies as they relate to individuals and organizations. Policies examined include public pensions, health insurance, health and safety regulation, environmental protection, energy, industrial policy, and taxation. 
Prerequisites: ECN 2210 and 60 credit hours completed.

An examination of the historical basis and context for contem¬porary global issues. Topics may include political, economic, scientific, technological, cultural, and social challenges. 
Prerequisite: HIS 2150, HIS 2160, or HIS 2175

PHL 3850 SPECIAL TOPICS - 1-3 credits 
Various topics in philosophy. These may be one-time or occasional course offerings.
Prerequisite: Dependent on specific course content