International Business

About the program

The International Business program is broad in scope and non-industry specific. Its goal is to make students aware of the complex challenges managers of multi-national enterprises are likely to face in the coming years. It focuses on the differences among world markets in areas such as economics, politics, culture, law, and management practices. The program also has a language requirement. All international business majors are required to have a minimum of twelve credit hours of a foreign language. Learning a foreign language enhances cultural breadth and awareness. It also differentiates students from other business graduates and makes them more marketable. The program presents numerous study abroad opportunities which enable students to experience foreign cultures and business environments first-hand while earning academic credit.



Why Northwood

Northwood offers students a personalized learning environment with small class sizes and credentialed, experienced faculty. We have a diverse student body representing over thirty countries, providing international business majors with an opportunity to interact with people from other cultures. We offer students a broad array of services such as career counseling, career planning, assistance with internships, study abroad, etc.  Student also have the opportunity to take part in numerous extra-curricular activities. We have a dedicated team to assist them with study abroad.

Your future career

The International Business degree provides students with the necessary skills to succeed as a manager and a leader in any multi-national enterprise, large or small. We conduct several job/ career fairs on campus and, on the average, we have over eighty companies at these events, most of which are multi-nationals. These companies represent a broad range of businesses, both in manufacturing and services, and they value our graduates.

Our alumni

Our alumni work in local multi-nationals such as Dow Chemical and Dow Corning (now part of Dow Chemical) and several industries such as automotive, banking, fashion, healthcare, entertainment, and retail services.


This program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).