Insurance Risk Management

From Hollywood to health care, sports teams to space launches, monster trucks to financial moguls, this industry is one exciting career choice!

When you were a kid and dreamed of what you would be when you grew up, chances are “an insurance risk management professional” wasn’t on your radar. In fact, until the duck, gecko and perky sales agent came along, your perception of the insurance industry may have involved words like “boring,” “old-fashioned” and “pushy.”


My, How Times Have Changed...

Today, the face of insurance risk management professionals looks just like you – energetic, bright, innovative and savvy – astute to the vast opportunities afforded by technology, economics and globalization. From the person on Main Street to the businesses on Wall Street and in corporations around the world, insurance risk management professionals are redefining the old perception of the industry. It’s diverse, dynamic and exciting. Believe it or not, over 75% of career opportunities are non-sales related. It’s for entrepreneurs, marketing directors, IT specialists, operations managers, agents, analysts, finance experts, lawyers and more. Consider the insurance risk management profession and step into an exciting new world of opportunity.


New High School Program Provides Insurance Experience, Free College Credit


Education in Action

Our students network with industry representatives through internships and real-world experience, and they are prepared to work in an array of promising – and lucrative – positions. Students with good quantitative and communication skills will thrive in this program.

  • Start classes in the IRM program on day one.

  • Learn from experienced professionals from the industry.

  • Gain a jumpstart toward earning professional designations in the insurance risk management industry.

  • Study the most current tools, technologies and practices utilized in the industry.

  • An active and involved advisory board offers professional mentoring to students and curriculum input to administrators, ensuring graduates are prepared for the needs of today’s employers.

  • Field experience offers direct exposure to diverse career options and resume-building activities.