Do you know the difference between someone with a great idea and someone who turns their idea into a great business opportunity? One is an average Joe and the other is an entrepreneur. If you’ve seen The Social Network, you know the impact young entrepreneurs can have on the world is huge, and the reward can actually be as big as your dreams.

For some, the entrepreneurial bug bites at a very young age. You may have started in elementary school with a homemade lemonade stand. In middle school you may have moved up to raking yards, babysitting or building websites for extra cash. Chances are, you’ve always been goal-oriented and ambitious.

If you’re motivated by the idea of one day bringing your ideas to life, of creating a product, service or company, of being your own boss – and of course of being in control of your own profits – Entrepreneurship at Northwood University is the program for you.


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Education in Action

We’re all about supporting and celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, it’s part of Northwood's business philosophy. So if you feel you’re exploding with entrepreneurial potential, Northwood can help put your passion to the test.

Not only does our curriculum cover everything you need to know about starting your own company or managing a family-owned business, Northwood further supports entrepreneurially minded students by:

  • Offering Entrepreneurs-In-Residence, business support and mentoring.
  • Presenting entrepreneurial roundtables.
  • Providing special workshops and training opportunities covering everything from protecting intellectual property to learning from other successful entrepreneurs.


This program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).