Your True North

Your True North is your inner compass, the force that guides you and fuels your ambitions. If yours points toward achieving a successful business career and a life that’s measured not only by how much you accomplish but by what you give back, then you’re going to flourish while at Northwood University—and long thereafter.

Every class we offer, every professor you encounter, every experience you immerse yourself in is focused on one thing: helping you to explore and develop your True North.

Our hands-on business education is taught by professors with real-world experience, in an atmosphere that’s less like a typical classroom and more like the kinds of dynamic work environments our graduates thrive in.

While you’re with us, you’ll acquire the knowledge and skills you need to launch or grow your career. And something even more valuable: an entrepreneurial mindset that businesses of all types and sizes are clamoring for.

So where will your True North lead you? Sign up for a campus visit. Enroll today. Or drop us a note to talk to someone using the request information button.

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Miles Jones/Marketing & Advertising Major

Southfield, Michigan

"Northwood gives you the tools that you need to get the job that you want, so you don't have to settle."

Join the ranks of successful students like Miles. Where will your True North lead you?

Sheena Lovitos/Marketing Major

Cebu, Philippines

Sheena has big plans after she earns her degree at Northwood University, and she knows her time here will help her reach her goals. "I would love to be a business owner, my dream is to create the biggest leadership development company for youth in the Philippines."

Ashton Brooks/Entertainment, Sport, Promotion Major

Midland, Michigan

Smaller class sizes and personal attention from industry-expert faculty give Ashton her competitive edge. "When you have a positive relationship with your classmates and your professors, you do better in school and you want to come to class every day."


Arlie Sisson/VP of Emerging Products, Condé Nast

New York, New York

Arlie's hands-on experiences at Northwood helped prepare her for the heavy lifting of a real-world career. "Being able to flex those young leadership muscles really helped me grow into the position I'm in today."

Tyson Robertson/Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Amazon

Indianapolis, Indiana

Tyson took his career at Amazon to the next level with a DeVos MBA, making himself a valuable asset to the company. "Most companies, including Amazon, are looking for those unique skills and attributes that can take their corporation to an entirely new level."

Mindie Kaplan/Founder and CEO, Rated VR

New York, New York

For Mindie, experience and networking opportunities at Northwood helped to lay the groundwork for her to start her own company. "It (Northwood) was a very collaborative environment, and those were skills I didn’t realize I was gaining along way, but I use them all today in various ways."

Want to hear more from our students and alumni? Check out more True North stories here.