December 13, 2013

The Fall Semester Winds Down…and the Spring Semester Winds Up

“In my end is my beginning,” wrote T.S. Eliot in his poem Four Quartets.

Eliot’s point of course is that each culmination also marks an opportunity to begin anew. At Northwood University, we see this firsthand as students, faculty, and staff system wide wrap-up the fall semester in preparation for the next steps in their respective journeys.

For 299 students on our Michigan campus, the next step includes Commencement ceremonies.  Tomorrow, December 14, 15 graduates from the DeVos Graduate School of Management, 105 from our traditional program, and 179 from our Adult Degree Program will transition to the ranks of proud Northwood University alumni.

Mr. Don Taylor, Manufacturing Vice President for Sadara Chemical Company and our Commencement speaker this fall, will also make a transition himself to “Dr.” Don Taylor as he is vested with the degree Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa and is enrolled into Northwood’s Gallery of Distinction. A graduate of Clemson University, Don was named to Northwood University’s Board of Trustees in September 2012.

For most Northwood students, the journey will begin anew when classes resume on January 13, so in addition to holiday celebrations and a “recharging of the batteries,” many are utilizing the break to complete important work in preparation for new horizons in 2014 and beyond. Of course, Northwood students are not the only ones who will be busy during the semester break. Faculty and staff system wide will also be found working on a number of important projects with new horizons in view.

For some of our faculty, those horizons are quite literal. Professors Robert Harris (Texas) and Carolina Lopez (Michigan), for example, will lead Study Abroad programs in Belize December 13-20 and the Dominican Republic January 2-12 respectively. In addition, several of our faculty members are teaching on our International Program Centers through December and January:

  • Professor John Grether – China (Jiangnan University North American College)
  • Dr. Richard Ebeling  – China (Jiangnan University North American College)
  • Dr. David Spaulding  – China (Jiangnan University North American College)
  • Professor Mike Tuttle – Sri Lanka (American National College)
  • Dr. Jay Chandran – India (Young Presidents Organization)
  • Professor Steve Brazill – China (Jilin University Lambton College)

In addition, faculty members in our Adult Degree and traditional programs are also busy completing their own on-going study and preparation for spring courses. And for all of us, this time marks yet another end that is a beginning in the life of our educational mission.

So while the fall semester at Northwood University winds down, we at Northwood University are in fact “gearing up” for the next stage in our ongoing mission.

Have a great weekend!


Keith A. Pretty, J.D.
President and CEO
Northwood University
4000 Whiting Drive
Midland, MI 48640