September 21, 2012

A Proven Leader in Applied Business Education 

Unlike some other colleges and universities, Northwood University’s core mission is not that of a research institution. From day one, our concentration has been on the application of the theoretical sciences to the world of business and organizational leadership; on building and directing successful enterprises and organizations. But true to our character, we do not avoid efforts such as research and publication. Where and when appropriate opportunities present themselves, our faculty, staff, and students engage accordingly, and often with great success in being published in major outlets. Two recent examples of this can be found in the third volume of In Defense of Capitalism and the Michigan Chamber Foundation’s 2012 Michigan Economic Competitiveness Study.

Released earlier this summer, In Defense of Capitalism-Volume III is a collection of essays, op-eds, and blog posts written by the faculty, staff, students, and friends of Northwood University. Like its predecessors, Volume III seeks to renew and reinvigorate the knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration that led to the founding of this nation and gave rise to human progress around the world. Divided into three distinct parts, this collection of works on freedom presents a principled case for free-market economies, applies these same principles to current public policy issues and debates, and highlights the contributions of key entrepreneurs and intellectuals whose work and thought serve as living testimonies of the very principles we hold in such high esteem. 

To order your copy of In Defense of Capitalism, click here.

And last week, the Michigan Chamber Foundation released its 2012 Michigan Economic Competitiveness Study—a report conducted largely by Northwood University faculty, staff, and alumni. The aim of the study was to measure Michigan’s economic standing and climate. Drawing on a variety of analyses and metrics, the study developed and utilized “The Northwood University Competitiveness Index” to determine where Michigan ranks compared to the other 49 states. 

By looking at growth rates in areas such as personal income, real gross state product (GSP), net population migration, and state jobs, the research team was able to determine where Michigan ranks among the 50 U.S. states (1 being highest, 50 being lowest) in categories such as: 

  • General Macroeconomic Environment (MI ranking: 48)
  • State Debt and Taxation (MI ranking: 10)
  • Workforce Composition and Cost (MI ranking: 45)
  • Labor and Capital Formation (MI ranking: 45)
  • Regulatory Environment (MI ranking: 24)

This 176-page report is full of in-depth analyses and conclusions that business, political, and academic leaders will continue to review, discuss, and debate as Michigan endeavors to continue moving forward and upward. One thing the report makes undeniably clear is that the principles of The Northwood Idea remain absolutely critical to achieving the well-being of all people.

These are important and timely publications and we encourage you to share them as part of our continuing effort to tell others about Northwood University’s place as a proven leader in applied business education.

To access the Michigan Chamber Foundation’s 2012 Michigan Economic Competitiveness Study, click here.

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Keith A. Pretty, J.D.
President and CEO
Northwood University
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