August 19, 2011

“Organizations are only as good as the people who make them up.”

At times it sounds like an old saw, but in fact it is true. And while one can cite myriad experts from ancient philosophers and statesman to the leading business experts and market practitioners of today, there is no more immediate validation of this truism than what we witness daily as members of the Northwood family.

One such individual is Larry Lindsey, Dean of Students for Northwood University’s Michigan Campus. Larry has been a vital part of Northwood for 44 years; the first four as a student and 40 as a loyal and dedicated employee. He has served Northwood students, faculty, and staff in a variety of capacities and has been a steady source of counsel and mentoring to me in my tenure as President, helping me to better understand the deep and meaningful tradition of our University. Wherever I go within our ONE Northwood University – worldwide – I am regularly asked about Larry Lindsey.

And while they may not have 40 years of service behind them, Larry is joined by a multitude of individuals who bring an equally high level of dedication and service to their work every day, work that is often done in the early and late hours, on weekends and even vacations – not because they desire to work all the time, but because it needs to be done and they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that it is.

As we look ahead with excitement and optimism to the coming academic year, we take an opportunity this week to recognize those Northwood employees system-wide, including yours truly, who are celebrating service milestones this year:

Florida Campus

20 Years  

  • Teresa Calhoun, Assistant Business Office Manager

10 Years

  • Dr. Dennis Bechtol, Chair, Associate Professor
  • Emily Mass, Interim Director, Admissions
  • Dr. Janice Scarinci, Chair, Professor

5 Years

  • Dr. Cathy Bush, Lead MBA Faculty, DeVos Graduate School
  • Mun Kuan Kok, Dir., Academic Advising / International Student Advisor
  • Gregory Wright, Assistant Director, Financial Aid

Michigan Campus

40 Years

  • Larry Lindsey, Dean of Students

35 Years

  • Jeff Phillips, Professor       

25 Years

  • Rhonda Anderson, Associate Dean, Adult Degree Program        
  • Lorrie Gandy, Executive, Secretary
  • Dr. Gerry Moultine, Professor
  • Rhonda Owen, Admissions Secretary
  • Judy Weirauch, Accountant

20 Years

  • Joe DiBenedetto, Head Baseball Coach
  • Linda Dick, International Programs Coordinator
  • Belinda Hawley, Project Manager, University Marketing
  • Marcella Matzke, Academic Management System Coordinator, Finance
  • Carol Meinhardt, Associate Professor
  • Ann Salva, IT Office Manager, Finance

15 Years

  • Andy Cripe, Head Athletics Trainer           
  • Becky Grai, Head of Circulation, Library
  • John Grether, Associate Professor
  • Greg O'Keefe, Certified Maintenance
  • Bonnie Schicker, Custodian, Crew Leader
  • Carol Walther, Executive Secretary & Public Relations Coordinator, University Marketing

10 Years

  • Julie Becker-Meyers, Director of Automotive Systems
  • Mariana Grigoras, Chair, Assistant Professor
  • Julie Hanna, Program Center Manager/Lansing, Adult Degree Program
  • Marcia Paul, Accounting Clerk, Finance
  • Mariana Prosic-Dvornic, NU Gallery Director, Finance
  • Andy Rapp, Associate Professor
  • Cathy Sigg-Kendziorski, Admissions Support Administrator, Adult Degree Program
  • David Turner, JV Golf Coach
  • Angela Whitmer, Accounting Clerk
  • Mike Wynn, Associate Professor

5 Years

  • Mauro Amor, Assistant Professor
  • Melvin Billik, Associate Professor
  • Pat Carey, Accounting Clerk
  • Stephanie Crampton, Program Center Assistant, Adult Degree Program
  • Sarah Cresswell, Help Desk Coordinator, Finance
  • Katherine Daniels-Durkee, Director of Academics & Administrative Services, Adult Degree Program
  • Nicole Gonzalez, Assistant, Program Center Manager, Adult Degree Program
  • Denise Gross, Assistant to GLIAC Commissioner, GLIAC
  • Todd Grzegorczyk, Academic Management System Developer, Finance
  • Malen Luke, Assistant Football Coach
  • Thomas Pasterz, Maintenance
  • Meaggan Pettipiece, Head Softball Coach
  • Keith Pretty, President, CEO
  • David Ratajczak, Maintenance
  • John Rogers, Assistant Athletic Trainer
  • Stephen Schwerin, Campus I.T. Coordinator
  • Lexi Welch, PLA Specialist, Adult Degree Program
  • Tracie Wood, DeVos Program Center Manager, Adult Degree Program

Texas Campus

25 Years

  • Dr. Kevin Fegan, Provost

20 Years

  • Dr. Jane Konditi, Academic Dean

15 Years 

  • Ellen Hays, Program Center Manager & Academic Advisor, Adult Degree Program

10 Years

  • Evgeniy Gentchev, Chair, Associate Professor
  • Dr. Terry Silva, Director of Enrollment
  • George Pittenger, Admissions Counselor

5  Years

  • Jeremiah Kennedy, Head Baseball Coach
  • Dr. Tara Peters, Lead Faculty, DeVos Graduate School

Be they a member of our faculty or the administrative, operations or athletic staff, each of these individuals has played an important role in sustaining the mission and vision of Northwood University to improve the quality of life for our students, our communities, and the world.

Please join me in congratulating this year’s Service Award recipients.

Have a great weekend.


Keith A. Pretty, J.D.
President and CEO
Northwood University
4000 Whiting Drive
Midland, MI 48640
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