July 29, 2011
…the liberty of the press is infinitely more valuable among democratic nations than among all others; it is the only cure for the evils that equality may produce.
- Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

The Northwood Idea – As Timely As Ever

The current deficit debate in Washington D.C., and similar debates in political decision-making centers around the world, serve to remind us of how absolutely vital The Northwood Idea is to ensuring freedom and opportunity for all. While many debate the merits of topics such as spending cuts, lower taxes and the wealth creating powers of entrepreneurship, both sound reason and humanity’s collective experience have already weighed in on the matter: free markets and free, creative persons work best.

This is a message that everyone in the Northwood Community needs not only to bear in mind, but also to share with others, as our nation’s leaders are poised to make decisions that will impact us throughout our lifetimes and those of several generations to follow.

To fulfill this mission, Northwood offers a rich corpus of publications that members of our community can draw from and share with others in an effort to shed the light of truth on the matters before us, including:

  • Ideas: The Newsletter of the Northwood Philosophy
  • In Defense of Capitalism
  • Monthly Economic Outlook

Published quarterly, the Ideas Newsletter presents timely reflections of the principles contained within The Northwood Idea as found in the speeches and presentations of leading minds, both within and out of Northwood University. The latest issue features an adaptation of a presentation made by Fox Business Network Host and Fox News Channel Analyst John Stossel on our Texas Campus earlier this year. Ideas is a free publication and subscribers can obtain it in both electronic and print format.

Click Here to read the Ideas Newsletters

In early August, we will proudly release the second edition of our annual anthology on freedom, In Defense of Capitalism. This new edition features 30 essays from Northwood faculty, staff, students and friends celebrating the importance of freedom and free enterprise in the American economy and around the world. In short, it is a “must have” for every thinking person’s library.

Click Here to read more about In Defense of Capitalism

Finally, the Northwood University Monthly Economic Outlook is intended to provide a "snap-shot" of recent performance in the U.S. economy as well as a parallel outlook on trends in the global economy. It also attempts to address policy issues of national concern with thoughtful analysis and commentary. Like Ideas, the NU Economic Outlook is free of charge and subscribers can obtain it in both email and phone-friendly e-versions.

Click Here to read the Northwood University Monthly Economic Outlook

Sustain Liberty and Share Our Story

As the architects of Western civilization remind us, institutions such as the American republic and Northwood University are only as strong as the people who make them up.

Thus, I invite each of you to make these important Northwood publications part of your regular reading as well as items on your “share with a friend” list. In the same way that American colonists secured our independence by reading and sharing publications such as Hamilton, Madison and Jay’s Federalist Papers and Paine’s Common Sense, you can help sustain our liberty and tell the Northwood story by sharing the above publications – in person, via email and through social media.

Have a great weekend.

Keith A. Pretty, J.D.
President and CEO
Northwood University
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