May 27, 2011

For love of country they accepted death...

- James A. Garfield, 20th President of the United States

Happy Memorial Day

At Northwood University, the effort to preserve and protect the rights of individual liberty, private enterprise and individual initiative is perpetual. It is one that requires a tremendous sacrifice of time, energy, mind and spirit on the part of innumerable individuals, including and most notably our present day faculty, staff and students. Yet, as demanding and exacting as these efforts can sometimes be not one has ever required that we shed our blood.

As a nation we have a tendency at times to forget that the price of freedom includes the lives of countless men and women in uniform, many of whom remain unknown. Given our freedoms, and the blessings they bear, such tendencies are somewhat inevitable. Thus, in order that we might rightly honor and pay tribute to those military personnel who died in service to America our forebears established the last Monday in May as Memorial Day.

As we reflect upon the sacrifice of those who gave all we also take this opportunity to say a special thank you to Northwood faculty, staff and students who are serving in the United States military today or who have done so in the past. We also extend our sincere gratitude to Jack Bronka (Selfridge, MI), Karen Camburn (New Orleans, LA) and Brian Rolfes (Ft. Worth, TX) who are working in partnership with all the branches of the United States military as part of our Adult Degree Program Centers at these respective military bases.

Have a great week.

Keith A. Pretty, J.D.
President and CEO
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