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Northwood University to Host Renowned Author Arthur C. Brooks

February 3, 2022

Arthur C. Brooks, a best-selling author, Harvard University professor, columnist for The Atlantic magazine, and free-market advocate will be on Northwood University’s campus Thursday, March 17, 2022.

Among the many impactful works written by Brooks is his 2019 best-seller “Love Your Enemies,” which is subtitled “How Decent People Can Save America from the Culture of Contempt.” The book is this year’s selection for Northwood’s Omniquest Program, in which all students, faculty and staff focus on a theme or book throughout the academic year. Faculty members incorporate Omniquest content and themes into course activities.

“The practical advice offered here on ‘disagreeing better’ and principled leadership is helpful,” stated economics professor Dale Matcheck, on behalf of the Omniquest selection committee.

The Omniquest selection committee felt the book’s message of ending political polarization was timely and would be welcomed by students and faculty alike. Written by a leading defender of the free-enterprise system, it is not polemical and could help to create a culture of free inquiry and respect for others.

Brooks has a creative background, often credited for inspiring his original perspectives. He left college at age 19 to be a professional musician, playing French horn with groups in the United States and Spain. He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in economics through remote learning. After 10 years, he ended his music career to earn a Ph.D. in public policy analysis from the Rand Graduate School, where he also worked as an analyst for the Rand Corporation’s Project Air Force. Brooks then spent 10 years as a professor at Syracuse University, followed by 10 years as president of the American Enterprise Institute, one of the world’s leading think tanks.

Academic Vice President and Provost Dr. Kristin Stehouwer said Northwood is privileged to be able to welcome someone as bright and influential as Arthur Brooks to campus.

“Our commitment to experiential learning includes providing opportunities like this to our students. It truly brings the book to life for our students and community to be able to meet Dr. Brooks in person,” she added.

Brooks has written the national bestsellers “Love Your Enemies” (2019) and “The Conservative Heart” (2015), as well as the forthcoming book “From Strength to Strength” to be published in February 2022. He has also published dozens of academic journal articles and the textbook “Social Entrepreneurship” (2008). He is a columnist for The Atlantic, host of the podcast “How to Build a Happy Life,” and subject of the 2019 documentary film “The Pursuit,” which Variety named as one of the “Best Documentaries on Netflix” in August 2019. He gives more than 100 speeches per year around the U.S., Europe, and Asia.”

Brooks’s appearance on Northwood’s campus will include an open address to the public without charge and book signing, including smaller gatherings for select groups and individuals. Northwood University thanks Dow, which is the main sponsor for this event.

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