National Drug Facts Week

Agapito Chavez

Impact Cedar Hill Drug Prevention Resources, Inc. (DPRI) helped Northwood University's Texas campus commemorate The National Institute on Drug Abuse's (NIDA) "National Drug Facts Week" (January 27-February 2) by providing eye-popping banners with educational information on the effects of alcohol, prescription drugs and marijuana.

DPRI representative Agapito Chavez stated, "The purpose of DPRI is to get the information out there and empower students to make the right choices."

The DPRI display was visited by many students as they passed through the Hopkins hallway on the way to and from classes. "The information about prescription drugs was really useful because I don't think students understand how they can be just as dangerous as drugs from off the streets," said senior Brandon Mason.

Students also had the opportunity to participate by taking the National Institute on Drug Abuse's "2014 Test Your Drug IQ Knowledge Quiz." Kathy Bowles, campus nurse, stated, "The questions were very thought-provoking and educational. Northwood wishes to thank Mr. Chavez and the DPRI for their participation."


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